So I was there in my chair, eyes fixated on the screen with Spotify on low volume when suddenly the Sam Smith song stopped (Ahh darn it!) and a call ringed in. It had my attention right away when I noticed the country code is different – this must be it. I quickly got out of my chair, walked past my boss as though my Mom is calling, sneaked into an unoccupied sound proof room and clicked Call. “Hello” I said, then a voice came in “Hi! This is Agency Name from Agency. I’m calling you for a vacancy in…” Then it was slightly happy ever after…or so I thought.

In my country, it’s fairly normal (and encouraged) to leave and seek a better job outside. However, before this call came I had to apply several jobs, deposit my resume, get referrals, update my LinkedIn profile, encounter failed interviews etc… Though its tough leaving a big chunk of your life behind, I came to realize that it gets better and it will get better. If you ask me how I did it, here are some of the most helpful ways to get a job in Malaysia (or Singapore or other Asian countries you dream to be in)

Alright I get it – its SG! Most IT zombies would always prefer Singapore rather than any other countries because of the pay grade. However, other people fail to understand that Singapore is now an overpopulated country with an overwhelming “28 % non-residents for a whooping headcount of 1.46 million” (Population.SG, 2011). With MOM’s citizens first policy and thousands of job seekers staying on budget hotels, it’s quite a hell of a fight you’ll participate into.

So what’s my point against all these odds?

  1. Hitting many birds with one stone. Most of the international agencies on Singapore always have a tie-up with other countries especially Malaysia, India and other neighboring countries. You may not end up with the place you want, but you have plenty of choices to ponder on.
  2. Sizing your worth. Often employees have this bugging question in mind – “How much am I now?” If you’re looking for a suitable number to fulfill your lavishing desires – go battle your way to the biggest ring in Asia. Beware that its always exaggerated but it’ll definitely boost that self-esteem you hid so deep on Earth.

And yeah – this site is effective. Just register your resume, fill it with IT terms, tools and experiences including the ones you just heard but never used and you’re good to go.

  • Referrals

Probably this is the best way to get the job you want but you only know one or two persons whom you just befriended for the sake of job hunting or your true bffs. Tell me, if you have that friend in Malaysia, how will he/she know who’s the first person to tell a job vacancy? You who’s relying on luck and come-what-may? Or your mutual friend who expressed his/her interest on that dream job?

All these boils down to one simple notion – expanding your network:

  1. Mark X on your Calendars. Get ready to attend meetings, conferences, seminars or just simple coffee drink with IT folks – be it inside or outside your company. Let them know you’re applying for jobs or just hint them like “Hey – I like that brand!”, “Oh you work there?” or “Yeah, you’re so awesome! I wish I could be like you”.
  2. Click Edit Profile. Last Updated: 3 years ago. That’s a long time my friend. Summarize your skills and briefly bullet all the bullets you have on your gun. Whether its LinkedIn, BranchOut or other professional networking sites, eventually you’ll still have to go back to the first thing you did right and put it in writing.

More? Yes you could do more but these are the most effective ways to land your work visa here in Malaysia. And please, for the love of God, have backup plans just in case it didn’t work out. Don’t pour all your juice on a flimsy and fragile glass that can fall and shatter at any time. Anyway folks that’s how I did it, but I know you could do better. Cheers!