Once I stepped on the condo near my company and flung my eyes to the building I’ll probably spend more time than my personal life, I knew immediately that a bike would save me tons of effort and money. It was also near the Asia Jaya train station which connects me to the upper society of Malaysia, the Kuala Lumpur. From then on, I was dead set on finding my special soul-bike…till I got it at this very moment (and I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it).

Dahon Vybe D7 (White with Blue Details)

  • Specs: 20″ Folding Bike made of VYBE Dalloy and 7-speed Shimano FT35 (Detailed Specs? click here.)
  • Reviews:
    • foldingbikeguy: 87% – “This 7 speed bike performs beautifully across various different types of terrain, for the money there is little better out there.”
    • foldingbike20: 86% – “A lightweight bike delivering great convenience and comfort.”
    • fitclarity: 90% – “Full of features, perfect for both sexes, and super easy to fold up and carry with you anywhere.”
    • foldingbike365: 86% – “A well engineered, fast, fun bike to ride whatever the weather. Highly recommended.

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